Watertown Fire Department

Serving our community since 1894
In case of Emergency, call 911

Recent Training 

The members seen here are practicing their skills with the inflatable zodiac boat on Lake Winnemaug. Although the boat is powered by a motor, members also refreshed their skills of rowing the boat, if the instance ever arose where the boats motor did not work. 

Not only do we perform Fire and EMS services, our members are trained to the Operations level of Hazmat. During a Tuesday morning drill, members can be seen refreshing their knowledge in setting up a decontamination shower. This shower would be used to decontaminate fire personnel in their gear at a hazardous materials incident. The blue tarp is to prevent any runoff of hazardous materials into the environment. 

Members here are learning about ropes and knots. Instructor Pete Morotto from Fire Training Innovations is explaining the ins and outs and fundamentals of rope rescue and how to handle that kind of call.